January 22, 2004

Gone Dutch

Janet and I looked at two apartments today. We were quite taken with Dutch Village. It looks just like it does in the pictures on the web site. The best part about it is that the apartment we would move into has been renovated very recently, and no one has lived in it since its renovation. It's like getting a new house. The kitchen is big, the floors have carpet, and the walls are not all white. This is a rarity in apartment living, and we're darn happy about it. It's nice and close to NC State, which makes it convenient, yet it's out of the way of most of the bad traffic. The only real downside is that we have to decide so quickly and then make a move in the middle of the semester, though my prodigious class scheduling skills have allowed me some off days during the week to make the move easier. We knew we wanted to move when we found out the rent was going up this summer, and we're glad that we won't live in the trashiest place of anyone we know in Raleigh. Of course, this all depends on us getting accepted, though I don't think we'll have a problem unless Janet has major credit issues that she never told me about. I think we'll be ok, though.

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