January 1, 2004


Read this article, then ask yourself why the media refuses to report this stuff. Ann Coulter has an interesting book that explains it, but some people might not be ready for her brand of commentary. It is difficult to hear the media and presidential candidates consistenly talk down the situation in Iraq while the people there doing the work are their desired constituents. The media doesn't report it because they think it furthers the cause of the Democrats, and that's what a disproportionate number of newsmedia folk are. My thought is the following: these soldiers get to vote, and they'll be voting for the one who's been supporting them all along, not someone who wants to abandon their work and say bad things about what they were doing. It will be interesting to see who the soldiers vote for come November.

A second point on the news media. It appears that when they can't bend the truth, they resort to outright lies. Every person in the country can remember the media-created "quagmire" that the Army apparently got itself into in Iraq during the beginning of the war. What is this "quagmire" they were talking about? They simply refused to report the truth. The fastest military advance in the history of armed combat was referred to as a "quagmire." It's inexplicable, and makes me glad for the internet as a news source.

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