January 25, 2004

Everybody look out!

It's snowing as we speak, and it's sticking. At this rate, there will be no school tomorrow, which doesn't affect my classes, but will affect the lab I have to teach. It cracks me up. The minute it started snowing, churches started canceling services. One school had already closed for tomorrow at 11:30am. There has also already been a weather related accident within 3 miles of our apartment. Some goober who has likely never driven in the snow before slid into a guardrail on the expressway. They showed the road, and there was only one lane open, and the other one had snow on it. Would it kill the city of Raleigh to invest in a single plow truck to at least scrape off the beltline so these inexperienced winter drivers wouldn't wreck their cars zipping around in this mysterious white stuff?

On the other hand, I'd rather they slacked off on the plowing as long as they promise it never gets so cold people die. In Springfield, Vermont, this morning (Janet's hometown) the Weather Channel website told me that it was -2 degrees with a windchill of 17 below zero. No matter what anyone tells me, there is the reason right there that no one lives in Vermont. No amount of love for skiing makes it worth living through that. Besides, I doubt people ski when it's that cold anyhow. The snow probably isn't as slippery because it doesn't melt right.

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