January 15, 2004

Bursting the Bubble

Janet said that someone dropped off an application today at the store, and under Education, she listed that she had a Bachelor's and a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State. Five years ago, this person would have had 5 job offers in Northern California and she would have been allowed to wear shorts to work. Now, she's trying to make seven bucks an hour in retail. Something doesn't add up. The engineering job market is a little rough, but it's not that rough. I was thinking, though, as I sat in my Digital ASIC Design class today. Five years ago, if you took that class, that alone could get you a job. Now, the only people getting a job based solely on the skills of that class work in India and Southern China. Occasionally, I wish I had graduated back during the tech bubble. Then, today, I got to thinking. Maybe I would have gotten a job out of college, but where would I be now? Every so often you'll read articles about people who were pulling down 80K a year in the late 90's but work at a San Jose Starbucks now. I don't think I need that kind of life. I'll settle for a job that isn't going to disappear when the company I'm working for has to start selling off furniture so they can pay the rent and utilities. I just need to work hard to find a job when the time comes, then I can put this advanced degree to work.

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