January 17, 2004

Be Careful What Wish For

There was a time when we complained about our leaky apartment and how it gets kind of cold in here when the temperature drops. Then, yesterday, it started to get really hot. We noticed that the heater had been on for quite a while, and we were starting to get a little hot, to our surprise. When I looked at the thermostat, the thermometer was all the way to the left, saying that it was in the 90s in here. Now, it wasn't nearly that hot, so we knew something was amiss, since any heater that thought it was in the 90s ought to have shut off. We called the maintenance guy, and he came and poked around for a while before determining what he needed to do. The good news is that he knows what he needs to do. The bad news is that he can't do it until Tuesday. To hold us over, he lent us 2 aging space heaters; the type I remember so fondly from my childhood living on the third floor. They really don't get the job done quite right unless you really crank them up. I can't wait for our electric bill, though it should hopefully be offset by our lower gas bill. I think I liked it the best when we didn't have to heat or cool this place and our utility bills were nice and low. Those days should briefly return this spring, only to be swept away in the sweltering heat of summer in the South.

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