January 13, 2004

Back to Class

Today I return to class. I have three classes today and Thursday, but none the other three days of the week. We'll see how I like it. I think I can swing this into a pretty good deal, if I play it right. I may be able to get most of my homework done in between classes, and do as little of it at home as possible. Also, I plan to try to start doing some strength training in between my first and second classes. I should be able to do a good workout and shower in plenty of time to make it to my next class. Then, on the days I don't have class, I hope to be able to start doing some running.

Eventually, I will find out my TA assignment for the semseter. You'd think they would do this stuff before the semester starts, but that would be far too logical. I think other departments do it, but we engineers don't quite have our acts together I suppose. Anyway, we'll see how many papers I get to grade this time around.

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