December 9, 2003


Unwrapped is a cool show on the Food Network. They show you how a bunch of the foods we eat are made. Anything from candy to parmesan cheese. Today they were talking about the parmesan cheese, and it reminds me of a little story of my life.

Every time my family has eaten pasta as long as I can remember, my dad has asked me if I wanted any parmesan cheese. This would not be odd for normal people. For me, however, it's a special little time. I hate parmesan cheese, and I would never put it on anything at all. My dad knows this. I suppose I could excuse him if he simply forgot and was simply being polite. This isn't the case, unfortunately. He just likes to be difficult. It never fails. Spaghetti on the table, time to ask Andy if he wants the cheese. It's a vicious cycle. Thankfully, Janet doesn't really like it either, so I don't have to deal with this any more.

Well, our little get together tonight was a big success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we ended up watching the latest Charlie Brown Christmas movie that was on TV tonight. It was pretty funny, as they usually are. I'm pretty sure Rerun is giving Calvin a run for his money as the world's smartest six year old. I think Calvin is still ahead, but the gap is closing. As for the whole Peanuts franchise. I'm pretty sure Snoopy is my favorite character. I like Marcy, too. She's got the dry wit of the bunch dealing with Peppermint Patty. Unfortunately, neither of those two girls were in the latest offering. It was still good. Rerun wanted a dog, and we got to see pictures of all of Snoopy's brothers. Spike from the desert even made an appearance.

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