December 11, 2003

Unfortunately, my favorite show has decided to go all soap opera on me

I'm speaking of Ed, of course. The show is starting to tick me off. This week's episode wasn't bad, but the previews for next week are just making me cranky. I guess they just needed a way to keep the show "interesting" until May when the season will come to an end. All is not well in Stuckeyville (except for the ever more lovely Nancy Burton...has she been on Extreme Makeover, or am I just crazy). This last episode had a huge focus on the goings on at Stuckeyville High, yet Warren P. Cheswick was conspicuously absent. Where the heck is this kid. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Warren and Phil make the show go. The funniest part of last night's episode was when Eli called Phil (in all his tracksuited glory) the "Cincinnati Idiot." As for the whole pizza oven thing - nothing about it made me care or really even laugh. Lastly, at least as far as my favorite show goes, Vikki informs the world that Lea Thompson will be portraying Ed's ex wife in a few upcoming episodes. I'm not sure what's worse here: the fact that they're switching actresses that play Ed's first wife or the fact that Vikki is willingly admitting to looking at E! Online on purpose. Seriously Vikki, spend your time on better things, like Sons of Sam Horn, where you can go rant about your Sox.

I got my first grade in grad school back today. I got an A in ECE 561 Embedded System Design. I was pretty sure I did after walking out of the test, but it's still good to know for sure. Maybe I can keep the streak alive with Digital Signal Processing.

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