December 29, 2003

Paper Boy

A little known fact about me is that I had a paper route once. It wasn't really my paper route, though I did help with it. Back in the day, when Katrina and I were homeschooled, my dad did a paper route with us through the neighborhoods of Silver Lake. It's a little town bordering Stow with a lot of senior citizens and expensive houses. The police like to give people tickets for driving 28 in a 25 zone. This tiny village has two lakes, the larger of which was a sizable amusement park until 1920, as well as the sight of the first airport in the county.

Anyhow, we delivered papers to the good people of Silver Lake. We got up early in the morning, put the papers together and set out in the car. We took turns running the papers up to the houses or tossing them in the driveway, whatever we were supposed to do. It was an extracurricular activity for the homeschool crowd. It's hard to remember all the details, since I was young, and a lot of the pertinent details happened before 6:30 in the morning. I remember doing some of the collecting, and going to the Chervenic house on the corner, since she was a realtor that did a lot of business in the area. It furthered my education somehow, though there was no need to worry about the kids getting sleepy in school, since school was mostly in the kitchen for that year and a half of homeschooling. Now my brother is doing the homeschool thing, but his extracurricular is being a member of the Nags skate team. You can see a video of him doing his thing here.

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