December 30, 2003

Now she's four out of four

Hotel? Check. Duke? Check. Barnes and Noble? Check. Let's add NC State to the list. Janet got a call from the library today, telling her that they want to offer her a job. The only thing left is for HR to sign off on their decision and the job is hers. She was, without question, excited about the call. She'll end up making way more money and having such novelties as holidays off. She thinks she'll enjoy to job, since it's basically what she was hoping for all along. The only downside is that the hours are 11-8, but the reward for that is extra pay for those hours. Of course, I also have to get used to eating dinner at 8, and likely cooking it many nights, but that's ok, I'm good at it. Lastly though, Janet is all happy about getting to sleep in a bit more. Me? With the extra cash, we can move in the summer and buy me a MINI, which I plan to test drive this weekend during our trip to Virginia Beach to visit Liz.

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