December 8, 2003

James and Vikki

Today I will write about James and Vikki, and what they have to say.

First, Big Daddy Jimmy B. He noticed that the ads at the top of the blogs are somewhat related to the content of the blogs. I noticed this a while ago when I had a bunch of references to Ohio State and those stupid, stupid, got my hopes up and dashed them to pieces Cowboys (Quincy Carter! Troy Hambrick! What was I thinking?). The ad at the top mentioned both of those esteemed football teams (if stupid Maurice Clarett could go to class and quit receiving "illegal benefits" and then lying to the police about it, I think we all know who would have a date for the Sugar Bowl). Anyhow, just wanted to mention that I had also noticed the ad thing. Also, I know why it took so much time to plow the roads around the Cove. You see, in Pennsylvania, they have two snow trucks. I'm pretty sure one of them makes sure Allen Iverson and can get to the arena, and the other one takes care of Pennsylvania's other roads. There are a lot of roads in Pennsylvania, so it takes awhile to get them all cleared with that one truck.

Now Vikki. There she goes pretending to teach math to high school students. I've seen the math they do in Biology in college. I can only imagine what they do in high school. The most complicated thing I ever saw a biology major do was Pascal's triangle. Not exactly triple integrals or Fourier transforms. On to the Red Sox. To me, this is one giant no brainer. If you can afford Alex Rodriguez, then gosh darnit, you get Alex Rodriguez! This guy is just easing into his prime. He's the best hitter in the American League and he plays the most important position. I don't care about Nomar and his giant nose. If anyone had any brains, all they have to do is shift him over to second now that Walker is gone and have the best middle infield in the big leagues. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that will happen. Bill Simmons, the former Boston Sports Guy, said it best:
There's a nagging sense that, like Julia Roberts, Nomar's best days are behind him. It's not like he's washed up -- he just isn't someone who gets mentioned in those "Who's the next guy to hit .400?" articles anymore. At his absolute apex, he strode to the plate, did his "Rain Man" routine with his gloves, swung at the first pitch -- whether it was at his head, his feet, rolling to the plate, or whatever -- and belted the living hell out of it. He sprayed line drives like a machine gun. It was almost freakish. And then he broke his wrist ... and three years have passed, and he's settled into that ".301 BA, .340 OBP, 25 HR, 115 RBI" stage of his career. Yeah, it's good enough to make the All-Star team. But it's not the same Nomar.

You see, Vikki, that .301/340/25/115 guy is good enough, but A-Rod is like 2 of that guy and figures to be for quite a while. Some day you will tell you grandkids about watching A-Rod. The only thing you'll tell them about Nomar is that he married that soccer player and looked like he had Tourette's when he came to the plate.

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