December 26, 2003

Fish and Chips

Have you ever fried anything on your stove? I highly recommend it. We saw Alton Brown doing it on Food Network's Good Eats, which is about the only cooking show I can stand. He tells you about the science of cooking and he often talks to the camera in his refrigerator. He made fish and chips, so we looked up the recipe on the Food Network website and went to town. For good measure, we made some onion rings that were delightful as well. Next time we might make some chicken fingers.

A few tips though, before attempting this on your own. First, when it says to use the whole gallon of oil in your 5 quart Dutch oven, don't do it. Leave room at the top of the pot if you don't want to get oil everywhere. Unfortunately, I had quite a cleanup job when I was done, but it was worth it. Also, you can use any polyunsaturated oil, not just safflower as it says in the recipe. We used Canola, since that was all we could find at Harris Teeter (the name of that store deserves a post of its own someday). Thankfully, we were able to cook dinner without burning ourselves or any of our stuff. Before attempting frying, make sure you have something to put the oil in when you are done, since you can use it for more than one frying.

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