December 7, 2003

Exam Week

I have exams this week. It's always a fun time of year. I have two of the buggers tomorrow. One at 1 and another at 6. I did some studying today. Not too much though. One of the tests is open book, and I'll do more studying for the other one after the first one is done. I don't really like to have to study for two things at once, so I try to avoid it if at all possible. Some of the questions people ask in review sessions really crack me up. I guess some people deal with nerves by asking questions. People ask how many questions, what they'll cover, that sort of thing. I always figure the professor will give us the information we're supposed to have. Anything else is up to us. It does amaze me that these grad students who should have taken hundreds of tests still act this way. Perhaps it's where they grew up and went to undergrad. It seems that the students asking these questions and having these concerns are nearly all foreign. I think Americans have been in the U.S. educational system long enough to have relaxed to the point by now where they know what to expect from professors and exams. Maybe they have the same concerns but aren't as bold as the foreign students. I doubt that's it, but who knows. I may not be the best person to evaluate this, since I'm pretty laid back, though.

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