December 24, 2003

Cars for Spring?

It looks more and more like Janet and I will be purchasing a car this spring some time. We're going to be moving out of this apartment since the rent is going to go above what we think is reasonable for a place such as this. Since we don't know if that new place will be on the Wolfline, then a car might be necessary for me to go to school. More importantly, however, is the fact that I will be working this summer (as soon as I find a job), and I will need to get myself to said job every day. For most jobs, they just won't accept that I can come in whenever my wife isn't using the car, so I'll have to get my own.

That said, the car of choice at this instant is the venerable MINI Cooper. I still haven't gotten over my fascination, and the rave reviews I keep reading about all the cool stuff that comes standard and how well it drives isn't helping. The cost isn't that much. Now, I understand that it's not exactly basic transportation, but hey, I've never had my own car (I don't care what anyone says, that Saab is Janet's, and she lets me drive it). The way I see it, I should be able to drive it for quite a while since it should be pretty well built since those Germans at BMW got their hands on it. I will of course test drive it before deciding whether or not to buy it, but I think I will need some help deciding what color I want. It's an agonizing decision, as I'm sure you can understand, plus Janet has to be able to deal with it, which probably means you won't ever see me in a car with rapper gold paint.

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