December 22, 2003


After my daily wake up at 7:30, Janet left and went to sleep again, the next thing I remembered was looking at the clock and seeing that it was nearly 11:30. I can't remember the last time I slept that late, especially after getting to bed at my normal time. I guess I just needed some rest, though it's hard to imagine which part of my day on Sunday would have worn me out so much. Maybe I just have a comfortable bed.

It could be the bed. I do have a really comfortable bed. It's a queen size pillowtop from The Original Mattress Factory. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. They aren't that expensive when compared to every other mattress store, since they build them right there and you can go back and watch them make mattresses. The only thing that may stop you from getting one is the fact that there are only so many locations. After sleeping on the crap passed off as beds at Messiah, this is a welcome change. The pillowtop makes it all worthwhile. Next time you buy a bed, check this place out and just lay down on the pillowtop once. You'll never go back. Also, if you get the good one, you'll have it for a long time. Not as long as Messiah keeps their mattresses, but no one should have a bed that long.

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