December 19, 2003

Bad in State College, good in Columbus

Well, Joe Paterno has declared that he will continue to coach next year. He's nearly 77 years old and has been at the school for 53 years. He has had 4 losing seasons, and three of them are within the last 4 years. This year, Penn State set a record by losing nine games, most in the history of the school. They won three, but since they beat Kent State, I think it should only count as 2 1/2. This is all to say that I think it's time for JoePa to hang it up. He's starting to lose the recruiting game and lose touch with the players, I would think. Of course, this is just fine for me, since Penn State is on the schedule for the Buckeyes every year, and what's wrong with another easy conference win?

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