December 16, 2003

All Done

Finished off semester number one today. It was a good feeling to be standing on that corner waiting for Janet to come pick me up for the last time this semester. I capped off the semester with a hellish final and then some hard core exam grading. The intrepid TAs of ECE 200 fired off those last hundred finals with aplomb. Hopefully, the students did well. It's hard to say how they did, since I only graded two problems and they were pretty simple ones, though the mistakes these sophomores make never cease to amaze me. It's not a bad deal though, I'm sure they'll be lean, mean, engineering machines when they get to be seniors.....well, the ones that pass the class at least. Now, they won't likely match up to the high standards set by the class of 2003 electrical engineers at Messiah College, but that's a pretty high goal to shoot for. Not just anyone can walk into the room and claim to be as good as Amy Hall, but again, who can?

Of course, now the goal is to figure out what to do with myself until I am subject to classes again. Janet keeps telling me that someone needs to write books about sports for young teenagers, since there seem to be a lot of people asking for suck a book, but the supply is limited. Not sure I could do that in three weeks, but I could get a good beginning at least. I probably won't do it, since I might get published and become world famous and then I might end up quitting school to pursue my illustrious writing career. Well, it's fun to think about at least.

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