December 23, 2003

Accents Away!

After living in several places and experiencing several different accents from all parts of the country, I've come to a conclusion. Regardless of my feelings for a particular place or people, there is nothing good about an accent that leaves out letters. To me, 26 letters is the absolute minimum that should be used in the English language. I don't care what Vikki says, there is nothing good about the Boston accent. Not only do they refuse to use all the letters, they add words that make no sense. I remember when it was cool to call things "wicked." I also remember being in 5th grade when that came and went. Anyhow, people where Vikki lives are faking it. She lives half as far from Providence, RI, as she does from Boston. The Boston accent isn't the only offender. There's the Southern accent, the Minnesota accent, the Pittsburgh accent (many people aren't aware of that one, but if you've ever heard anyone say warsh, you've heard it), the Vermont hick accent (again, not as familiar, but it's out there), the Appalachian accent (Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Southeast Ohio; for this one, it's mostly speaking really fast and trailing off at the end of every word). It's just what happens when people come from all over and end up in the same country. Also, being isolated only with people like you can perpetuate the accent. I'm willing to bet that someday the accents will mostly disappear with the way communication is going. Add that to the fact that you can't get on a television station of any reknown with an accent. Until then, I will deal with the Southern accent here in the South, though not every day.

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