August 31, 2003

Labor Day.....but I think I'll be doing some work.

Homework will get you, especially when you're all conscientious and do it early and try to do all the reading. School starts back at good old Messiah on Tuesday. I wonder what the team will look like this year. I think they have a chance to do very well. It could be the best overall team they've had in a while, but they probably don't have any national championship threat. That said, if they can knock off Kings or Del Val or something, that would be a major accomplishment. As for me, I hope to meet the wrestling coach here at NC State one of these days....if I ever call him or stop by his office once I figure out where it is. At Messiah, if you didn't know where something was, you could just wander around until you bumped into it/him/her, but here, you could be lost for weeks attempting that strategy.

August 30, 2003

We did it!!

We bought another fan. Hopefully we can cool off a little bit now. There was sale at Sears and we had a gift card (thanks Trina), so we didn't have to pay a cent. It was an exciting time for us married folks. Also, we checked out the Crabtree Valley Mall, which was pretty big, and I got to play with my latest obsession, the HP iPaq 1945 PDA. It was so cool. Someday......

It is hot, hot, hot!

Usually, it cools off at night, since the sun goes down and all, but it doesn't seem to have been going that way here for the last few days. It's gets up to 95 degrees in the daytime and cools all the way down to 80 at night. Janet and I have to blow the fan directly on us to keep from melting and evaporating away to nothing as we sleep. We're hoping for a break in the weather, and we're going to buy another fan to help circulate the air in this tiny apartment. The 20 year old fan we've been using is working just fine, but it's just not enough to compete with this southern heat.

August 28, 2003

They say you should post something in your blog everyday........I missed.

Anyhow, part of the reasoning for that was trying to teach myself a whole course worth of material while figuring out how they do things here on campus of North Carolina State University. Embedded System Design will be my tough one this semester for a few reasons, the most significant being my lack of C programming experience. I'm catching up quickly, but these computer engineers have been here and had the intro class, while I'm fighting my way through Herb Schildt's Teach Yourself C, which I'm doing, though I lack a little direction since printing to the the screen and accepting keystrokes is just not totally applicable to an 8 bit microcontroller. Oh, for the days at Messiah College when we didn't have to know how to program to use a microcontroller.

August 26, 2003

Andy Finally Has A Job!!

I figured it was getting to be about time, and the powers that be in the Engineering department decided to grace me with a position. So, here I sit, the newly appointed TA for ECE 200 - Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can teach in this one. There are two parts of this job, teaching lab sections and grading homework and lab reports. I'm hoping my command of the English language nets me more lab sections than grading assignments because I've done both, and, for crying out loud, there are 230 people between the two sections of the class, so I think we all can agree which one gives more intellectual stimulation. As an added bonus, even though the instructor of the class is foreign, his English is flawless, which will make my life, and that of the students, that much easier

August 24, 2003

So, I spent all day without internet access or cable. Thankfully I had homework (not sure I'll say that again). Time Warner was having some sort of problem. At least it's all cleared up. Janet and I met some people at church today, and we ended up out to lunch with them. It was a good time, and we're glad to finally be meeting people. It's different than being back at Messiah. We don't have peer groups or dorm halls to meet people in. I have class, but most people come and go pretty quickly. Maybe as time goes on and we have labs and stuff I'll be able to meet some of my fellow classmates. I am still jobless, strangely. I hope they do one of two things fairly quickly. Either assign me to a job or start sending me checks. They can do both if they want, and I'm hoping that if they do the former, the latter will follow. I'll accept checks with no work, but I'm not sure they're in that business.

August 22, 2003

So, my brother skated in his first competition today. He was pretty excited about it. I think he was just happy to have the chance to compete. He even called me to tell me about it. He doesn't call too often, so I knew he had something to tell me. He tied for 10th place, which netted him a free t-shirt and some Sobe. All worth it, I say.

I finally got my wireless networking card today. It came to Janet's parents' house on August 6th, but they left for 2 weeks vacation the day before, so they couldn't mail it to me until they got back on Monday. However, once I plugged it in and installed everything, I was surprised to find myself connected to a wireless network. I have no idea where it's coming from, but I do know that it's real, since I'm typing this on my couch, a good 10 feet from the nearest ethernet cable.

On a different note, I just finished my first week of classes. It was a partial week, but I'm counting it. Not surprisingly, there are far more Indians than Americans in my classes, but it's no big deal. I think I'll be able to handle it all. Of course, I'll know more once I start my homework assignments and the like.

Janet and I finally slept in a real bed last night. We had been sleeping on the fold out LL Bean couch for the past two weeks. The step up to the Original Mattress Factory pillowtop makes sleep a little easier. Not to mention the fact that we don't have to fold it out and put sheets on it. Maybe it's not such a big deal, but you try it.